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DevLog June 2019: CCAnimationEditor Part 2

Posted on 2019-06-28

Not much really happened this month in terms of development. This was primarily due to how the final exams for school were coming up and I had a lot of culminating projects on top of that. Once I got back into development, noticed several problems in CCAnimationEditor on top of the ones I mentioned in the May entry. The main problem is with the 2D array editor:

Not only does it take a while to generate the controls for the array editor, but also for some strange reason the scrolling is very jittery. Both of these problems appear to be with the GUI framework, which means it would be hard to fix the problem. While this is not a huge issue, even with those problems the editor would still function properly, it just makes using the editor a bit awkward.

Also, getting back into development after taking a rather long break is a bit hard, since I have to remember where everything is stored in the code structure and what each function does, and even then I still don't feel that motivated to work on it. I try to document everything in the code's comments and use to do lists, but getting the motivation back takes some time.

Finally, the release date. I cant really give one right now since the development has not been consistent lately, but I will post an update when it nears completion.