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DevLog July 2020: Getting back in order

Posted on 2020-07-22

Now that I have the time and motivation to work on my projects, here's an update on what's been going on:


I've released a few small bug fixes over this month, although there hasn't been much work on the ui revamp. Honestly, it has been very hard trying get back into it because of how long the break I took was, and also the code base is very complicated and I still can't figure out how to fix the crash issues. I'll try to get a pre-release out sometime in August, but that all depends on if I can fix the crash issues.

Other Projects

Recently I got a small part-time job doing web design for a local club, although right now the work load is not that much so it shouldn't interfere with my projects. I've also been trying to work on some small prototypes such as a P2P communication app and the game project I mentioned in the January 2020 post.

Final Thoughts

So over the last few months not much got done since I at several times I wasn't feeling very good in my head and I also had to deal with other stuff (like school and finding a job), so I had to put things on hold. Even after all those problems went away, I still had a hard time trying to get back into programming because of how much of a pain trying to solve the bugs was.

Whatever I am working will get done eventually, but I still have to look after my own health.